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On this page, you will find videos for Goodwe Inverters FAQ's and How-To Video instructions on how to change your inverter settings during periods of high load shedding.

To configure your Goodwe Inverter please ensure you have the PV Master App installed on your smartphone or tablet.

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Ensure that your device is directly connected to your inverter (see Goodwe WiFi Support)

Follow the instructions in the video below.

The information provided by your Goodwe Inverters App is dependant on your inverter having a connection to your local wifi router.

In the event that there is no data showing on your Goodwe App or the Goodwe Web Portal in just the same way as you would need to connect your smartphone or tablet to your wifi network the same needs to be done with your inverter.

Reconnect your Goodwe inverter to your local WiFi Router Instructions Download.

Goodwe Wifi Connectivity Instructions Download.

Goodwe GW-5048-ES Hybrid Inverter Manual

Goodwe DT Inverter Series Inverter Manual

GoodweSS/DS Inverter Manual