Solar Workshop

A Zoom Solar Workshop with our company's founder Mark Becker.

The workshop consists of assessing what you would like to achieve from solar power, using your electrical account, your electrical supply and your suitable solar roof space shown on the city map viewer.

As part of the process, he will take you through a real-time live example of his solar power system showing zero electricity account, zero power interruptions and how this is easily managed and monitored.

During the workshop, you will be educated on the various types of solar panels, inverters, battery technologies and their efficiencies. A budgetary costing of the most efficient solar power system for you.

Computerized model showing seasonal solar output variations for your location with an interactive cost vs return model.

Going through this workshop will leave you with a much better understanding of solar power systems and the most efficient solar option for you.

Solar Site Assessment

Our technical manager will visit you at your home to assess your needs further.

He will photograph your roof for our solar 3D Model, check your roof type i.e. slate, tile, kliplok, chromadek, corrugate for what clamps are needed for your solar panel installation. Confirm your electrical supply, check the electrical distribution board and meter.

Discuss a suitable inverter and battery position along with any other site-specific requirements.

Solar System Design

Our Solar Design Engineer will create a 3D Solar Model of your home with the most efficient solar panel layout option taking peak summer and winter performance and any shading into consideration.

During this phase, we confirm all aspects of the design of your system. The final solar panel position, solar string layout, electrical connections and inverter and battery position to be able to present a final solar system design and official quotation.

Solar Permitting

The city of Cape Town, Drakenstein and Stellenbosh require mandatory registration of all solar power installations.

Our in-house electrical engineer will complete all the required forms and submit the application to the relevant municipality on your behalf.

Once your solar system installation is completed our electrician will issue a solar COC and our electrical engineer will issue an engineering certificate in order for us to be able to complete the process and for you to receive commissioning approval for your installation from the relevant municipality.

Solar System Installation

We are a PV Green Card accredited solar panel installation company. The PV GreenCard has been developed to promote safe and high-quality Solar PV installations.

Your installation will be overseen by our operations managers and installed end to end by our fully trained in-house installation team and certified wireman.

Our installations include a pre-site inspection report and post-installation commissioning report showing all aspects of the installation.

Solar System Online

Once your installation is complete our technical manager will do a handover to take to you through your solar system and install and explain your online smartphone monitor solar app.

All our inverters include remote monitoring via the cloud available for Android, Apple or via a web browser. Providing you will with 24/7 real-time data off all aspects of your solar system.

This includes the ability for you to remotely change your system settings via your smartphone and for the manufacturer to remotely update your system’s firmware to keep your solar system operating as efficiently as possible.

To further assist you we have a solar system owner’s video playlist for your reference at any time to better understand your system.


We have a dedicated technical support manager to assist you with your solar system and as your system is online both M Solar Power and the manufacturer can offer quick remote support. On-site support is provided as needed.

For our most frequently asked questions we have a support section on our website with how-to videos to further assist you.

We import our solar systems directly from the manufacturer and work closely with their technical team for support and warranty claims.