70kW Solar Power System – Boston Breweries

We’re excited to announce the commissioning of a 70kW Double Glass Double Sided (bi-facial) Percium Monocrystalline module installation at Boston Breweries Cape Town.

Double-Sided Bifacial solar panels not only produce power from the front but are transparent and generate additional power from roof reflection with a second solar cell on the rear of the panel.

The system will produce approximately 70% of Boston Breweries electricity needs and producing an average of 138kWh  kW hours per year, the system will be cost neutral or paid for by the energy-saving in as little as three and a half years. Great to see another client being empowered by the sun!

Solar Power Systems Components 

  • 200 x 345W JA Solar Double-Sided Doube Glass PERC Mono Photovoltaic Solar Modules.
  • 3 x 30kW SOLAX Grid Tie Inverters
  • Flat Roof solar mounting frame.
  • Integrated remote web monitoring and smartphone app

double glass solar panels


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