Fox EV Charger

The AC EV charger is a new product launched by FoxESS and brought to South Africa by MSDP - Africa. The appearance of this product adopts a streamlined and simple design, which is more refined and modern. Through the FoxESS App, the car owner can choose the Bluetooth smart lock, timing charging function, or modify it to plug and play mode. At the same time, it can monitor charging information, set EV charger parameters, bind equipment and authorization, and upgrade remote software.

EV Charger Highlights

  • An innovative design, in a sleek, compact package
  • Available in 7.3kW single-phase and 11kW or 22kW three-phase versions
  • Easy and streamlined installation process
  • Wireless communication via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • OCPP Communication Protocol with the backend
  • Smart Charge or Scheduled Charge via the FoxESS App
  • Flexible Connection Options including Type 2 Cable/Socket version, app-operated or plug-and-play
  • Wall-mounted or a floor-standing installation
  • 6mA DC residual current protection, anti-welding protection and IP65 rating for your safety and peace of mind

Fox EV Charger

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