While it’s sunny we have enough power to run through the day, through the night and for the next morning. If your home is efficient and it’s cloudy you will have enough power to run you through the following day as well. But all of this needs to be done in conjunction with an energy assessment, to see how much solar and how much storage you will need. At M Solar Power we specialise in this, and we have been living off the grid ourselves since March 2016.

All this is done in collaboration with our online monitoring system, where you can see the state of charge of your battery’s the amount of power you have left, and how much power you are using. This is done in one integrated lithium iron storage unit, which is completely revolutionary in the marketplace. For me it’s been fantastic, we installed one in our house in March 2016, and we’ve run virtually off the grid eve since, the feeling of satisfaction and being empowered by the sun is mind brilliant.